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Food myths


We all know of at least a few food myths handed down to us from generations and well-meaning folk, the truth is some of these myths are not completely true. Some are even peddled by well-intentioned professionals that only add to us believing and enforcing the myth.

The chopping board debate
Most of us would never cut raw meat on a wooden chopping board fearing all the germs and bacteria that will stay on the board and possibly continue to breed in the cuts made with the knife over the years. The logical alternative being a plastic chopping board, however, the truth is that proper cleaning reduces potential contamination over time and not the material, if you look at my plastic chopping board it has all sorts of nicks and cuts yet I only use it for vegetables and bread.

Salt to make it boil faster
The absolute favorite of all chefs, especially professional ones is to add salt to boiling water to make it boil faster. Although the salt adds flavor to whatever is boiled, it in fact only slightly adjusts the temperature of the water by a tenth of a degree. I tried to add more salt  to really test this and was left with very salty water-Yuck!

Low fat foods aren’t always good for you; some have increased levels of sodium and noxious chemicals to boost or substitute the flavor, a particular favourite is to add Mono-Sodium Glutamate and other flavour enhancers. Too many people rely on these low-fat products and end up depriving the body of the good fats it needs, forcing it into a situation where it doesn’t absorb nutrients well either.

imagesSugar is bad for you
This is often confused with glucose and other naturally occurring sugars that can actually help your body when consumed in moderation. Processed sugar is the main issue, as we just can’t get enough of it.

images (1) You can only boil vegetables
I am yet to understand why on earth someone would  want to destroy a perfectly good vegetable and boil it to the point of oblivion, I hate boiled vegetables. There is no taste and definitely no nutrition left, so why bother to waste all that time and effort boiling them in the first place?

There are so many myths out there that it is often harder to separate them from fact, however, this doesn’t mean one should never listen: The key is to fact check.

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