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World water day, and the lack of water

As we all celebrate world water day , the main question remains: where is the Water?
IF you actually have water in your taps right now and are not en route to look for water, stand in line with an assortment of containers in hand consider yourself one of a small percentage of the lucky ones.
Most of us experience varying degrees of water stress, irrespective of any other parameter than there isn’t enough fresh water to go around. When you find water or it actually spluttered into your tap all else stops.  You cringe at the lack of pressure but you stand steadfast as you wait for your containers to fill because you have no other option. You wait with bated breath hoping for clear water, free from debris.
Unless of course you would like a water tanker to come and fill your thirsty tanks and the price can fluctuate drastically depending on supply and demand.

Conserving water
For most of us this is second nature, conserve water not just because it’s the right thing to do but because our wallets will not allow us to call the water tanker again any time soon.

Why do some places have better connections and services than other places?
It is not uncommon to hear that a poorer neighbourhood not only has less water, but that they actually pay more per litre than their counterparts in some of the less water stressed areas of the same county when they pay for piped water. Anyone knows why?

(photo credit: Reuters)
At the rate we continue to move at without long-term solutions, the above picture will not just apply to parts of India it will be us scrambling, as a universal truth.
Many people fear that the next big conflict will be over water and air, it is hardly hard to see this may be a very real possibility in the very near future.  This unequal distribution of water based on socio-economic barriers and man-made borders cannot be acceptable.


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