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Poem in Amharic


Today I will have my first guest post their poem. It is in Amharic, it is considered a Semitic language and scripts beautifully. I once had to generate Amharic on Illustrator and let’s just say it was harder that I thought considering I know nothing of all the different characters or the various sounds, something I had to struggle with. I am quite sure my Ethiopian friend who was trying to help me was wondering why I was struggling so much. My attempts at Google translate generated boxes-oh dear!


The guest for today is an Ethiopian writer by the name of pen name of Meliano.

I have included the Amharic text as well (that I hope is correct) to show how beautiful the written language is and hope that you like the poem.

amharic text 2

amharic poem

Above: (image credit google translate for both images)
The pronunciation of the Amharic text written in Roman script.

Below is the translation:

SPRING [ ፀደይ ]

In a lovely Saturday Morning Sunshine

SPRUNG out of my SPRING-bounded bed

At the verge of the Winter end,

SPRING with John over the Snow To Save The Summer – the exciting weather


So how did I meet this writer?
I happened to bump into this particular writer and got talking. It was a totally organic conversation and the topics of this blog and his desire to write poetry came up.  If you like his work please comment below. amharic23




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