Writers block-and the looming deadline

You are on an incredibly tight deadline but you cannot move forward on your piece because you have writer’s block. The stress must be getting to you, you reckon.

There are actually different types of writers block and not all can be cured with the same solutions.

  1. You have no idea and just can’t come up with one.

Staring at a blank screen or paper just will not help; neither will start to write something and then constantly deleting it because it doesn’t work. Start thinking outside the screen about something else or better yet go for a quick walk to help get the creative juices flowing as you begin to think about your subject matter.

  1. Too many ideas

You just cannot commit to one idea and have ideas in all sorts of possible directions, so for the sake of sanity, it is better to write down all the ideas on a piece of paper but not use all of them at the same time for the same piece. It helps to review all the ideas as if they are a thought bubble when brainstorming and begin to link one or two ideas as concepts and try to allow the flow to create a logical conclusion. The other ideas that did not make it to this particular piece can be integrated into another piece of prose at a later date when you have a clear outline.

  1. The fear due to perfectionism

While we all strive for perfectionism, sometimes it can create a paralysis and self-doubt scares a writer to commit. It is important to strive for a high-caliber of work yet it should not create self-doubt. It is far better to allow the creative process to flow and then during proofreading and editing you allow for growth.

  1. You are stuck in the middle

The content is no longer intellectually stimulating despite the best efforts at an outline you are still stuck at this one point and simply cannot move.

The solution?

Try changing the way the topic flows or going slightly off target. Take a breather and get a glass of water and then sit back down and try again.

  1. You can’t think of the right words to say based on what you are trying to convey.

First write down the idea or thought then work on getting the right words. Break out the thesaurus too. It is easier to have the idea right in front of you and then craft the perfect sentence than to fret about wording it just right and lose the idea or worse still give up and go watch T.V hoping for inspiration.



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