glue sniffing kids

Recently it came to my attention that someone did a piece on the glue sniffing kids of Nairobi. More often than not these kids are either street kids or come from rough situations. Spotting street children with small containers of what is presumed to be glue and clearly intoxicated with whatever the contents may be. Many claim it helps to albeit the hunger pangs and to blur the focus from all the hardships they face. It is easier to create a documentary /video titled “zombies of Nairobi” on them than it is to find lasting solutions and get the people to make the changes for the long-term than that get to the core issues of why they would want to sniff glue or in some cases claim to inhale jet fuel. We have become accustomed to ignoring the root causes and allowing them to manifest to the point of anger, resentment and backlash. Many of them claim to come from abusive situations compounded by hardships and a vicious cycle begins.
However, this desire to “get high” and “forget” is not strictly for people on the lower-income rung of society, even children from more affluent families also are known to go down the same slippery slope, the only difference is the poison they choose.
images (2)Nairobi_Glue_Sniffing-e1351545792440

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