Ghanian shea butter

download (1) I had been griping to a friend about how so many kinds of body butter and creams have so many chemicals and how I just could not find the right product for my skin type. My dry skin means that most over the counter the creams that would be recommended would have ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe vera, yet I would still react to it and my skin would dry out even more and the itchiness that followed.
She recommended I try Shea butter in its most natural form, no perfumes no added ingredients. That way if I was reacting to the perfumes or the Vitamin E or any of the active ingredients or the perfume, the reaction should subside after giving all creams a break.
She recommended I try Ghanaian shea butter and more importantly she knew a place that not only stocked it but where the lady knew about different skin needs. Many of the other sources I found did not have someone who was interested in actually listening to your concerns and even smell the shea butter. Good shea butter has its own nutty smell, and I was even educated of the different types of shea butter.
The shea butter has been very kind to my skin, further proving the original presumption  that some of the chemicals in the creams I have been trying up to now had caused a reaction and a more organic skin care was definitely the way to go.
This also led me to Ugandan Shea Butter that has a different texture from West African Shea butter. In my attempt to educate myself more on the differences I came across two companies that sell Ugandan Shea butter locally. A friend even directed me to a company that operates not far from where I live. Unfortunately, when I visited their stockist the stock had run out and I will need to visit again.

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