Ohcha Noodle Bar Westgate

After hearing rave reviews about this place and needing to finally step into Westgate after a hiatus of over three years, we ventured in.
The noodle bar is a small place right by the main entrance on the ground floor.
The staff was very friendly and patient as I took time to make up my mind.
The area is inviting and there is a space to sit.
It had my new personal favorite noodle: soba noodles…I didn’t know it was my favorite until I tried them. They are a better alternative to egg noodles (for my vegetarians friends out there) and instant wheat noodles.
For those who occasionally indulge in prawns then consider trying the build up prawns with noodles: the portion was really good even for a takeaway.
The builds up options give you a bunch of noodle and sauce options, vegetables and meat options. They even ask if you are okay with garlic: something I have not come across before when going out, as some of my friends do not consume garlic or onions. So it has presented some challenges in the past, as I love food with fresh garlic. Cue garlic breath…chuckle.
The takeaway order took about ten minutes in which time we explored Westgate Mall a bit, it is true when they say the more things change the more they stay the same: some stores were just as I remember them.
Each takeaway was packed in clearly labeled branded disposable neatly folded paper cartons with disposable chopsticks. Although the cartons are a nice touch I would have personally preferred if they were made of recycled paper or at least partially recyclable. The order even came with some onions in vinegar and chili in separate clear containers.
Although it took us all a while to get home the packing held for the most part, only the onions in vinegar had a minor accident, oh well.
The takeaway was still warm and so delicious that my initial intention of saving some for dinner was forgotten as two of us ate from my one takeaway. I guess we were all hungrier than we realized.
Would I go back?
Definitely. I would explore a bit more of their menu, as there are some South East Asian combinations that look very tempting to me.
What I would ask is that this noodle bar consider expanding their delivery area, sometimes you just do not want to brave the Nairobi traffic.
image credit: ohcha.co.ke



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