Guest Post

the scars within

Abuse is a very loaded topic, there are many instances where we suspect there may be abuse or even bullying going on but we are quiet and often don’t really analyse the situation to understand. We often think that abuse must only be reported when it reaches extreme proportions, such as when the person is unconscious and an ambulance has had to be called.
Yet often times the signs of potential abuse are there.
Generally if you suspect something may be wrong it is advisable to talk to someone about it who knows what the signs and symptoms are, one way is by contacting the nearest child help line and the police.
If they need to physically remove a child from an abusive situation this must include the police as due process must be followed.

One such example is today’s guest feature, who was a witness to what she suspected was physical abuse and possible neglect to a child she knew, as a child herself at the time she remembers asking the adults for help, some of whom were less than helpful. Back in her time there were no child helpline to report to.

As a  child I also knew of people who were abused physically, emotionally and verbally and the scars that they carried around for years. It is to this day not an easy topic for me to talk about when I think about them and what it took for them to get out of their situations and the healing that it took for them to move forward.


She was hit repeatedly,
the bruises told it all.
Hid under sleeves and skirts
the bruises told it all. 

There must be a reason we reckoned, 
was she accident prone we asked. 
No they told us, 
she is hit,
hit for being.
With those words it felt like we being told to be complaint, 
an accomplice to the deed.
Why did they not speak out? 

The bruises told it all,
The bruises told it all.

Withdrawn, withheld. 
It seemed all the love ached to come out,
She is too clingy they said. 
turned silent, 

the cycle continued. 
One of silence from those who could help but chose not to. 

She is anti social they said. 
she cannot be helped. 
Her body erased the memories.
the  physical bruises would heal
But the heart had it all.
The bruises told it all.



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