Dealing with toxic people

We have all come across people who, let’s face it do things that literally make you cringe.
They are toxic, toxic by definition is something or someone who is:
poisonous, virulent, noxious, deadly, dangerous, harmful, injurious, pernicious.
Their usual self behaves in a way that leaves you feeling drained and you literally cannot wait to get out of their company. Even when you know you are in their company shortly your body instinctively clamps up.
Sometimes you even start to physically feel sick, nauseous just thinking about it.
They do things that undermine you and your core beliefs; particularly in front of you and your dear ones they will undermine you. Even worse is if they blame you or go on the defensive claiming that it was your idea in the first place.
It starts of as that cringe then it moves to annoyance and then resentment, anger. By the time you have reached the serious annoyance that is on the verge of resentment it’s definitely time to cut the cords.
Easier said than done, Speaking from personal experience it was particularly hard to actually break the cords that bound the friendship as there were mutual friends involved and a lot of emotions involved. I unfortunately had reached the point of frustration and anger, I did not even want them near me. It had become very clear this friendship was finished.  I had enough, after much reflection I finally understood that the relationship was based purely on criticism and contempt that felt like it chipped away instead of building up. Whenever they entered the same room as me I would just want be anywhere else.
The hardest part of leaving a toxic relationship be it a friendship or any other type of relationship is the emotional toll it takes. You need to emotionally disconnect and move forward without this person, it is a process. Sometimes I think I am still healing from it.
In my situation I had to confront this friend, something you should always do in a place you feel safe in and if necessary have some well wishers around. Be firm in your tone of voice and promptly ask them to leave your secure space. Also give yourself physical space from them,  then you can begin to heal emotionally.


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