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What I have learnt in the last few years

A year (or in my case a few years) can make a lot of difference in a person’s life: how they see the World, how they deal with their issues, I am definitely no exception to this statement.
This past year I decided to do a lot of healing of past scars and reevaluate a lot of what I thought I knew. I decided to forgive a lot of people for what they said or did in the past, however, others I can’t forgive simply because they continue to hurt me emotionally and cut to my core beliefs, ridiculing everything and worse still they made themselves out to be the victims.
So I have removed them from my life permanently. On my side, there is no love lost.
I realised I had to be mature enough to forgive those who I could without forgetting the life lesson the experience taught me, especially, those who chose to be MIA.
The second thing I learnt on my journey to healing is that Karma sometimes lets you stick around in a situation to either teach you something that you had not learnt the first time round, so you have to re-learn it or it allows you to witness a happy conclusion. I feel blessed to have been able to learn.
True family is not always the people who are related by blood, they can be friends too who make time to check up on you and make sure you are not falling. They have no hidden agendas behind their smiles. I have learnt to keep those closer to me. After all, if someone wasn’t sincere before when you were not on the best of terms he or she probably are not as sincere now.

Empathy is lacking in today’s society, where we are taught to numb ourselves.
Some people can change which is a good thing. Evolution happens, circumstances can force you to evolve and it can be scary. I have been forced to change the way I look at certain things, others…well the internal debate is ongoing.

Jealousy, envy, and greed all these things can kill. Kill your soul, kill everything that can blossom. There will always be people with ulterior motives disguised as your well-wisher during a storm. Remember who stuck by you from the beginning, and held your hand. Those are your true friends, even if they were going through their own storms.

Here is aiming towards a better, more conscious version in the year ahead.


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